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Domingo Inokashira 2

Tell a friend about Domingo and GET  20000 yen!  *Limited to residents staying for at least 6 months.

The shared apartment is just a short walk from one of the greenest parts of Tokyo, Inokashira Park. Mitakadai station on the popular Inokashira Line is a 6 minute walk away (2 stops down from Kichijoji station). The small number of rooms is just right for a sharehouse that values a community spirit. Rich in greenery, the neighbourhood is so peaceful you can hear the birds sing in the mornings. The excellent access to trendy Kichijoji and Shibuya is also a real plus. Housemates are there to welcome you home and enjoy the odd party together with. If you`re thinking, "My life has been nothing but work lately," then this is the shared apartment for you.


Address 181-0001, 1-13 Inokashira, Mitaka-Shi, Tokyo
Conditions of residence Male OK, Female OK

Cleaning of public areas: Residents’ duty roster


No pets and no smoking in the residence.  (There is a smoking area)


【Shared】 Television, DVD player, WiFi, washing machine, dryer, 2 toilets, bathroom, kitchen.

【Each room】Bed frame, mattress, air conditioning, screen door.

Domingo Inokashira 2 floor plan

ENT:Porch SW:Shower room WS:Washing machine and dryer SINK:Washbasin WC:Toilet  STO:Storage KITCHEN:Kitchen  REF:Refrigerator BALCONY:Balcony

Room Type Size Rent Utilities Availability Notes
101 Private 8.1㎡




Japanese Female / Flooring

102 Private




Full Japanese Female  Japanese Male / Tatami / Storage
201 Private 7.4㎡ 55.000 12.000 Full Flooring
202 Private 11.7㎡ 72.000 12.000 Full

Japanese Male / Flooring / Storage / Balcony

203 Private 7.8㎡ 49.000 12.000 Full


204 Private 9.7㎡ 68.000 12.000 Full

American Female / Flooring / Storage

205 Private 9.7㎡ 68.000 12.000 Full

Japanese Male / Flooring / Storage

*If the moving in day or leaving day is midway through a month, the rent and utilities fee will be calculated by a daily rate.

*When moving in, we require 25,000 yen for office commission fees.

Please feel free contact us.