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Domingo Ayase

Tell a friend about Domingo and GET  20000 yen!  *Limited to residents staying for at least 6 months.

The Kameari sharehouse is in the home of the long-running manga, Kochikame. Old men from a nearby factory care for the ducks like pet dogs, local kids fish for crayfish, warm service at the station-side restaurants, the excited yelps of children, it`s a place where you feel you are back in long lost, good old Tokyo. The rent is cheap so it is recommended for those working on the Chiyoda line. The height of the ceiling on the 1st floor and the beauty of the interior must be seen. With friendly streets and warm-hearted people, how about starting a new life at Domingo Ayase? The town and your housemates will give you a warm welcome.


Address 124-0002, 2-10 Nishikameari, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo
Conditions of residence Male OK, Female OK

Cleaning of public areas: Residents’ duty roster


No pets and no smoking in the residence.  (There is a smoking area) 


【Shared】 Television, DVD player, PS2, WiFi, washing machine, dryer, 2 toilets, shower room, kitchen.

【Each room】Bed frame, mattress, refrigerator, air conditioning.

Domingo Ayase floor plan

ENT:Porch SW:Shower room WS:Washing machine and dryer SINK:Washbasin WC:Toilet  STO:Storage KITCHEN:Kitchen  REF:Refrigerator BALCONY:Balcony

Room Type Size Rent Utilities Availability Notes
101 Private 7㎡ 40,000 13,000 Full Japanese Male / Flooring / Refrigerator
102 Private 11.2㎡ 51,000 13,000 Full Japanese Male / Flooring / Refrigerator
103 Private 10.5㎡ 51,000 13,000 Full Japanese Male / Flooring / Refrigerator
104 Private 9.4㎡ 50,000 13,000 Full Vietnamese Female / Flooring / Refrigerator
201 Private 11.3㎡ 52,000 13,000 Full Japanese Male / Flooring / Refrigerator
202 Private 10㎡ 49,000 13,000 Full Japanese Male & Female / Flooring / Refrigerator
301 Private 12.6㎡


13,000 Full Japanese Female / Flooring / Kitchen / Refrigerator
302 Private 12㎡ 52,000 13,000 Full Mexican Male & Female / Flooring / Refrigerator
303 Private 11.3㎡ 53,000 13,000 Full Japanese Female / Flooring / Refrigerator

*If the moving in day or leaving day is midway through a month, the rent and utilities fee will be calculated by a daily rate.

*When moving in, we require 27,500 yen for office commission fees.

*2 person moving in by Utilities plus of 6,500 yen is possible.

Please feel free contact us.