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Moving and moving out

1. Check vacancy and book a house inspection

Please fill out the online form or call us to inquire for house inspection. Please let us know if you would like to see a house using Skype or Facetime.  

2. Inspection

Our staff will meet you at the house or the closest railway station, or be ready in the house for a Skype or Facetime inspection on your appointment day.

3. Pre-Tenancy Application

Once you have found a room you like, please fill out the form and send it back to us. Also, please provide a copy of your photo ID. You can email us a photo image of your ID in your mobile phone as long as all the information can be clearly seen.

4. Screening

We will notify you of the outcome of your application within 3 working days. 

5. Dispatch tenancy agreement

Once you pass the screening, we will send the tenancy agreement to you. If you are outside Japan at this point of time, you will be given the tenancy agreement on move-in day.

6. Initial payment

Please make an initial payment within 3 working days after you pass the screening. You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Bank fee or Paypal’s fee (Domestic 3.6% + 40yen, International 3.9% + 40yen) applies. Once your initial payment has been received, your booking will be confirmed.

7. Tenancy agreement, house tour, moving-in

On moving-in day, our staff will show you around the house when signing the tenancy agreement. Please bring the previously sent tenancy agreement and your inkan (personal seal) with you. You can just sign on the tenancy agreement if you are from overseas and don’t have an inkan. 

8. Monthly rent and utilities

Please pay your rent and utility by the 25th of each month by bank transfer. Bank fee applies. 

9. Room change

You can change room in the same house or move to other affiliated house. Room change/house transfer fee is 16,200 yen. House contents insurance fee may apply. Please feel free to inquire if you wish to change room or move house. 

10. Move out notice

We require minimum 1-month notice to end a tenancy. If you are moving out before the end of each month, we will charge you utilities cost on pro-rate basis. If you move out without giving a notice, you will forfeit last month’s rent and utilities. 

11. Moving out

Please return the room key on moving-out day. There will be no extra payment unless there is defacement, damages or missing items. We charge you 15,000yen for a lost key to replace the lock and key.  

Please feel free contact us.