Tenancy Agreement

Q. Do I have to have a guarantor?

A. Generally, we don’t require our tenants to have a guarantor. However, we may require you to have a guarantor if you have an unstable income.


Q. What document do I need to provide when I move in

A. You need to present your ID which proves your current residential address and your inkan (personal seal).


Q. How can I pay my rent?

A. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card. A bank transaction fee or credit card surcharge may apply. 


Q. When do I pay monthly rent?

A. Please make a payment into our bank account by the 25th of each month.


Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. No, we don’t require our tenants to pay a deposit.


Q. Can I notify a local ward office of the address of share-house as my residential address?

A. Yes, you can use the address of share-house for your resident register.


Q. Can I change a room?

A. Yes. Room changes cost 15,000yen per change excluding tax.


Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel a booking after I make an initial payment?

A. We will refund rent and utilities cost you paid up front if you cancel the booking for change of mind. Administration fee and home contents insurance fee are non-refundable.


Q. Can I make a corporate agreement?

A. Yes.


Q. Do I have to pay for a home contents insurance?

A. Yes, home contents insurance is compulsory.


Q. Can I renew a tenancy agreement?

A. Yes, you can.


Q. Can I move out before the end of the fixed-term?

A. Yes, but you have to give us minimum 1-month notice. If you move out without a notice, you forfeit last month’s rent and utilities.


Q. Is there any cost I have to pay when moving out?


A. As long as there is no defacement, damages or missing items, you don’t have to pay for anything when moving out. We charge you 15,000yen for a lost key to replace the lock and key.  


Q. What do I have to bring when moving in?

A. Futon and your personal daily necessaries.


Q. Is there internet access?

A. Yes, Wi-Fi internet access is available in each room.


Q. Do private rooms lock?

A. Yes.


Q. Do private rooms have TV point?


A. Some rooms do and others don’t. 

House Rules

Q. Who cleans the house?

A. Some houses have janitors and others have cleaning duty roster to clean public areas.

See description page of each house for more information.


Q. Who empties rubbish bins?

A. Residents have to empty waste baskets in their rooms. Wastes in public areas are to be emptied by a janitor or a resident on roster in each house.

See description page of each house for more information.


Q. Is there a caretaker in each house?

A. There is no on-site caretaker in each house but a house manager schedules regular visits to the houses 2-4 times each month. 


Q. Is there a curfew?

A. No.


Q. Can I let friend or family stay overnight in my room?

A. You can do so in unisex house. If your guest stays more than 1 night within month, a charge of pro-rate utilities applies. No guest can stay overnight in female-only house.


Q. Can I smoke in the house?

A. Smoking is prohibited in all houses. Use outdoor smoking area in each house.


Q. Can I send my luggage before moving in?


A. No. Unfortunately, there is no one to receive your luggage. 

Please feel free contact us.